5 Tips for Faster and Better Hair Growth Explained


Thicker, longer, healthier-looking hair is something we all want - at every age. 

Investing in smart clean hair care and learning about your hair and scalp needs will allow for better hair health. In Better Not Younger we know that the secret to lifelong healthy hair starts with great hair-care products. It’s also important to recognize our own unique set of hair-care needs. Every head is different!

At any age, experiencing hair loss can trigger feelings of lowered self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Putting your best foot forward should be followed by a strong and healthy head of hair. Luckily, there are things we can do to help hair.

Taking these steps to increase blood flow to your hair follicles or applying the right oil products will help your hair gain that sought-after silky shine!

Of course, we don’t have to wait for hair loss or thinning to happen before learning about the physiology behind hair growth and regrowth. Here we will look at some things everyone should know about hair, scalp, and follicle health.

Find out how to empower yourself and let your confidence shine through every strand.

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

You may have heard the old wive's tale that says cutting your hair helps it grow faster. There is some truth to this: removing split or dry ends helps strands maintain good hair health, moisture, and allows it to grow longer without breakage from being dry and brittle. As for speed, however, this method is slightly less quantified. That said, there’s no disputing what a good haircut can do to boost your mood and confidence!

There are, however, lots of scientifically proven factors that play into how fast and long hair grows.

Growth Speed - Speed of growth depends on age, specific hair type, overall health, and other health conditions. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, on average, hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month. That means that for most of us, average yearly hair growth is 6 inches in length. 

Stages - Hair actually grows in three separate stages and each individual strand follows its own timeline. This is why maintaining scalp health is vital for contributing to thicker and fuller hair (see below). 

  1. Anagen: Hair begins to grow (2 - 8 years)
  2. Catagen: Transition stage when hair stops growing (4 - 6 weeks)
  3. Telogen: Resting stage when hair falls out ( 2 - 3 months)

About 90 - 95 percent of strands on your head are existing within the anagen stage. This means they are young, healthy, and staying put as long as you maintain good hair-care habits and use good quality products and serums. The more care put into your scalp health, the longer hair has a chance to grow and thicken! 5 - 10 percent of stands are in the telogen stage, meaning that around 100 - 150 strands fall out each day from the natural hair life cycle. That sounds like a LOT but you probably don’t even notice most of this shedding.

The Root of the Issue

To improve hair thickness and fullness over time, we have to start at the base: The root of the issue of hair growth and regrowth lies in the follicles and the scalp; and the solution is in understanding these important parts of your hair’s health.

  • Scalp - The scalp is the source of hair growth and where strands begin their life span. Without proper care and moisturizing, the scalp can become dry and flaky which causes the strength of strands to diminish and roots to become weaker, causing hair loss.
  • Follicles - Your follicles are found on your scalp and can often require some extra TLC. That’s in part because there are so many - about 100,000 of them! When our follicles are young or healthy, they produce hair. Hence, the more healthy follicles, the thicker and more luscious the hair. As we age, some follicles stop producing strands and the hair appears thinner and weaker. 

Whether you’ve experienced hair loss or are simply looking for paths to stronger, thicker, and fuller hair, we all want faster and better hair growth. Unfortunately, water alone won’t do the trick - we’re not chia pets! There are, however, ways that we can help maintain a healthy scalp, strong circulation and fertile follicles in order to promote thicker and fuller looking locks. Tools like nutrients and vitamins are a great place to start, along with taking care of the scalp itself.

Natural ways to increase blood circulation to the scalp

As we age, the health and vitality of the scalp and follicles can deteriorate if we don’t take care of them properly. The great news is that there are many ways to improve this. One way is through an increase of blood flow to hair follicles to increase the length of the anagen stage of hair growth. Increasing blood flow in the hair follicles allows the scalp to build a strong base for the life cycle of the strands. 

  • Scalp Massage - Since the goal is to keep hair strands in the anagen stage for as long as possible, healthy follicle and scalp cells are the key. Stimulating the scalp through massaging the skin can help maintain the health of the follicles and thus allow more hair to grow before the strands reaching the telogen stage fall out. Better Not Younger knows that scalp health is important and provides tools such as the Superpower Liquid Comb to help stimulate the skin on the scalp. Combining this with serums containing hardworking ingredients like caffeine, keratin, ginger, and kelp can encourage stronger and healthier hair.
  • Microcirculation - Stimulation of the scalp allows the integrity of the follicles to strengthen because of increased blood flow to the area. Microcirculation is the blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels of the body - the microvessels in the organ tissues. These tiny blood vessels are what carry life to the follicles. The herb known as Centella Asiatica is popular for helping to stimulate and strengthen circulation within the follicles and roots.
  • Avoid Dryness - Combine scalp massages for circulation with a good moisturizer or serum such as Better Not Younger’s Fortifying Hair and Scalp Serum to maintain a healthy scalp that’s free of dry, flaky skin. 

Can Your Hair Regrow After Hair Loss?

The simple answer: Yes!

If you’re noticing more and more hair in your brush at night, don’t worry! Hair loss can occur for many reasons. Although it’s natural and normal to lose around 50 to 150 stands each day, excessive thinning and loss may warrant a closer look at your hair and scalp health. A common cause of increased hair loss is a heightened length of the telogen stage of the hair strand's life cycle. When this occurs, the hair follicle goes through premature termination, ie: it falls out too soon! 

Sadly, there’s a stigma around hair loss in women. But the truth is - it’s extremely common and hair loss can be triggered by many different things. Some reasons women experience hair loss can be health issues such as PCOS or thyroid problems, stress and anxiety, genetics and family history, hormonal changes and shifts, nutritional changes, and even using hair dyes with chemicals that can cause traumatic damage to the follicles. Hair loss can occur when increased levels of testosterone are present in the body. Aging can also cause the cells in the follicles to break down, weakening the roots and strands. 

With conditions like alopecia, hair loss happens because of issues with the body’s immune system. The system attacks the follicles, making it difficult for them to produce hair. This can sometimes result in complete baldness which becomes a chronic condition and should be treated by a physician. 

No matter the cause of hair loss, it's possible to improve the health of your hair. The best thing you can do for your hair is to ensure your hair is getting the proper nutrients and vitamins it needs and that you're using the right products.

Studies have shown that caffeine can have a positive effect on hair health. Care and circulatory stimulation of the scalp and follicles are also vital along with overall good nutrition and wellness. Choose products that offer the benefits of retaining moisture through nourishing nutrients such as proteins and vitamins, but avoid harsh chemicals that can cause even more damage.

Consult with a dermatologist or physician if hair loss is sudden, unexplained, or immediate; or is accompanied by any other symptoms such as scarring or inflammation.

Best Hair Serum for Hair Health

When investing in your hair health it’s important to look for hair products that do exactly what they say they do. The hair-care market offers endless products with long lists of potentially damaging ingredients. Understanding the ingredients and their uses is essential for hair care and maintaining or restructuring the physiology of your scalp, follicles, and strands. What you massage into your scalp matters! 

Better Not Younger’s Superpower Hair & Scalp Duo includes two of the company’s signature hair-care products designed to work together to strengthen and thicken hair over time, even after hair loss. This serum is specially designed to help hair gain fullness without weighing it down. 

Superpower Liquid Comb

  • The ball-tipped dispenser and liquid comb allow you to distribute the serum evenly and closer to your roots. This way, you get the essential vitamins and nutrients right where they’re needed: at the scalp and follicles!
  • The scalp massaging serum applicator also helps stimulate microcirculation to the scalp and the comb can also be used without the serum for an extra circulatory boost.

Fortifying Hair and Scalp Serum

The Superpower Hair & Scalp Duo also comes with Better Not Younger’s Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum. This strengthening serum contains nourishing ingredients with natural origins that help end damage and breakage and promotes healthy, stronger hair over time. 

  • Caffeine – helps stimulate follicles.
  • Centella Asiatica – can act as a strengthening agent for the scalp and hair follicles.
  • Ginger – helps soften and nourish hair strands while encouraging stimulation of the scalp.
  • Apigenin – can help promote hair health.  Found in parsley and chamomile.
  • Ceramide-NG – helps retain moisture and is essential to protect hair shaft.
  • Kelp Extract – can help provide vitamins and minerals to the scalp as it is rich in zinc, iodine, vitamin A and C.
  • Niacinamide – a water-soluble form of B vitamin that can help rebuild hair keratin by supporting hair follicle function.

Together with the Superpower Liquid Comb, the Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum provides scalp-stimulating therapy to your hair follicles and roots, getting right to the source of hair thinning and loss. With long-term use, moisturizing and stimulation, The Superpower Hair & Scalp Duo will help to fortify hair against breakage, damage and thinning, giving you the stronger, healthier hair you always dreamed of.

Hair-Care Products for Better Hair Health

Changes to hair and skin are natural and beautiful processes of aging. We can, however, educate ourselves on effective tools and steps towards gorgeous and luscious hair at any age.

Better Not Younger doesn’t only provide hair-care products that gently nurture your scalp and strands. Better Not Younger is a hair-care company that understands that at any stage in life, thicker, healthy hair empowers us to be our best selves. A healthy and happy appearance on the outside lets true confidence rise from within, spreading to everyone around!

Visit our store for more hair health solutions and clean hair-care products for healthy, thicker, and fuller hair. Be sure to check out the Superpower Hair & Scalp Duo and start investing in long-lasting health and care for your hair.