Why Anyone Can Benefit from Purple Shampoo


If you’ve ever taken an art class, you might remember that purple lies opposite yellow on the color wheel. It is the coolest color on the spectrum, while yellow is on the warm end. Purple shampoo is a tone-correcting hair-care solution intended to neutralize brassy or yellow hues using crushed violet pigments. 

But did you know that purple shampoo can benefit anyone’s locks regardless of their color or condition? Whether it’s natural or dyed, damaged or healthy, light or dark, purple shampoo can infuse vibrancy and volume into your hair.


Can I Use Purple Shampoo on Brown Hair?


Yes. If you thought purple-colored masks and shampoos were only intended for those with blonde or silver manes, you should know they can also help offset unwanted tones if you have:

  • Brown or dark hair with highlights
  • Balayage or ombré highlights
  • Salt and pepper hair
  • Brown hair and have lightened it a few shades.

Everything from mineral impurities in your water and UV rays to excessive heat styling can cause your colored hair to pick up yellow or orange tones. 


Why A Purple Shampoo Might Be for You (Even if You’re Not a Blonde)


Purple shampoo on your dark hair will have a similar effect as it does on blonde hair, neutralizing these unwanted tones and helping to enrich your brown hair. Because no matter how much you love your new salon color or how meticulously you care for your tresses, they can become discolored over time. 

There are two main ways your hair may have picked up unwanted tinges of color: brassiness and yellowing.


Brassy Tones


Brassiness is the unnatural and unwanted warm tone that can develop after you’ve had your hair colored. Although it's more evident in light-colored locks, brassiness can affect anyone who’s had their hair lightened, even if just a subtle shade or two. 

If bleaching or lifting doesn’t remove enough of your natural melanin before your new hue is applied, the warm tones can start to show through and distort your color-treated hair. This effect can accelerate because the blue and purple pigments in the dye break down and wash out faster than the warm colors.

The sun’s UV rays, pool chlorine or heat from your styling tools can further increase brassiness.


Yellow Tones


A more gradual but equally disliked color change occurs when toxins and other substances coat your strands. Dark hair hides the effect better than lighter hair, but even brunettes might notice their once vibrant hair becoming dingy or dull due to environmental factors including:

  • Product residue
  • Air pollution
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Water minerals

Purple shampoo benefits your hair by cleaning these impurities while helping your hair return to a cooler tone.


Silver Lining Purple Brightening Shampoo


Incorporate purple into your beauty routine by swapping out your standard shampoo with Better Not Younger’s Silver Lining Purple Brightening Shampoo. You can use it every time you wash or once or twice a week when your color needs a boost.

Although our purple shampoo will have the most dramatic impact on silver, cool blonde, platinum and gray hair tones, it’s actually beneficial for any hair color. 

Silver Lining infuses your locks with an optical color agent called D&C Violet 2, which reduces the intensity of yellow tones to help brighten and lighten the appearance of hair color. D&C Violet 2 is a premium-quality tint that offers a consistent hue and a high level of purity. 


Further Benefits of Our Purple Brightening Shampoo


When shopping for shampoo, it's essential to seek out a product that not only rebalances your hair color but focuses on the unique needs of your aging hair. Our Silver Lining Purple Brightening Shampoo provides crucial nutrients to promote stronger, thicker hair. Our proprietary ingredients include:

  • Sage: Because our follicles can clog with sebum, dried skin and product residue, we use sage in our purple shampoo. Sage is a natural astringent that balances your scalp’s oil production and keeps your follicles clog-free. 
  • Burdock root: We lose the ability to synthesize nutrients as we age, and our scalp and follicles can suffer. Burdock root nourishes our skin with iron, potassium, vitamin A and essential fatty acids.
  • Bamboo: Over-coloring, using high-heat styling tools, and reduced sebum oil production can leave our tresses dry and brittle. Bamboo fortifies your strands while sealing damaged cuticles to lock in moisture.
  • Hops: Menopause can cause us to experience thinning and hair loss. Antioxidant-rich hops are used in our purple shampoo to thicken and smooth rough-textured hair.

Try the Benefits of Purple Shampoo from Better Not Younger



Using a vivid-hued shampoo regularly can refresh your hair color while keeping unwanted undertones under control, no matter your hair color. Sulfate-free Silver Lining Purple Brightening Shampoo volumizes, strengthens and hydrates while canceling out yellowing and brassiness. 

Our Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque is a terrific conditioning complement. It smooths and softens silver strands and makes them more manageable while eliminating unwanted yellow tones for a perfect silver finish. Visit our Better Not Younger online Shop today for more solutions to your aging hair challenges.

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