Fast Fixes: The Best Conditioner for Your Hair Issues


We all know that we should use a conditioner every time we wash our hair, especially as we age and our tresses tend to become drier. But just like shampoos, conditioners are not one-size-fits-all. Tailoring your conditioner to your unique hair texture and needs is important to help fix your hair concerns and have you on the road to your best hair yet!


Whether you're looking for a volumizing conditioner, a conditioner for damaged hair or the best conditioner for curly hair, we've got you! Read on to learn more about the best type of conditioner for your individual hair issues!


You Have: Thin, Fine Hair


Hair Concerns: Lack of Fullness, Volume and Lift

As we move through menopause and post-menopause, our hair tends to become thinner due to decreased follicular activity and hormonal changes. We have less estrogen, making DHT more dominant, and our scalps also produce less sebum as we age, which can lead to drier locks, as our hair's natural oils are in shorter supply.


Fast Fix: Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner

The best hair conditioning treatment for flat, thin tresses is a volumizing conditioner that adds instant fullness to hair strands, giving the appearance of thicker tresses. We specially formulated our volumizing conditioner to make your hair smooth and manageable without weighing it down, and we added oleanolic acid, which can help inhibit DHT, known to be associated with hair loss.


Bonus Tip for Thin, Fine Hair

Our sulfate-free Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner also strengthens fragile locks! In fact, it's been clinically proven to reduce hair breakage by 98%!


You Have: Gray or White Hair


Hair Concerns: Dull, Brassy, Weak Strands

We adore when women embrace their gorgeous natural color and rock a healthy, vibrant shade of gray! But heat styling, UV rays, environmental exposure and even simply washing and drying these lighter shades can result in a dull, brassy tint over time.


Fast Fix: Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque

The best hair conditioning treatment for preventing brassiness is using a purple conditioning treatment that contains D&C Violet 2, which helps offset the yellowness and bring your silver tresses back to their true color! We love our Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque for a luxurious, ultra-moisturizing option that strengthens mature tresses while adding shine and maintaining your true color!


Bonus Tip for Gray or White Hair

Before you condition with your purple butter mask, start with a purple shampoo! Our hydrating, sulfate-free Silver Lining Purple Brightening Shampoo is the perfect first step for kicking brassiness to the curb.


You Have: Curly Hair


Hair Concerns: Thin, Frizzy, Lifeless Curls

Our hair texture changes as we age, and for those of us with curly locks, this often results in frizz and lifeless, undefined curls. Curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair because it takes longer for the scalp's natural oils to work their way down a corkscrew-shaped hair shaft than a straight one. This makes curls more prone to dryness, damage and frizz.


Fast Fix: Bounce Back Super Moisturizing Conditioner for Curly Hair

Why is Bounce Back the best conditioner for curly hair? When we formulated our curl care line, we wanted to create products that would help hydrate parched curls and bring back their vibrancy, buoyancy and definition. Bounce Back Super Moisturizing Conditioner for Curly Hair is our favorite because when used as part of our 3-step curly hair regimen, it keeps moisture locked into hair for up to 24 hours with our proprietary curl-reviving 5-plant butter and oil blend!


Bonus Tip for Thin, Frizzy, Lifeless Curls

After conditioning with the Bounce Back conditioner, lock in your curls with our License to Curl: Curl Revival Boost Spray. Use it on damp hair to define curls, or use it as a refresher to smooth strands and reshape curls between washes! (We keep a bottle in our bag for small touch-ups throughout the day!)


You Have: Dry, Damaged Hair


Hair Concerns: Coarse, Dull, Crunchy Tresses

If your hair is color-treated or has been processed or heat-styled, chances are that you might be dealing with damage. Crunchy, dry ends, frizz and dullness are tell-tale signs of dry, damaged locks. The best type of conditioner to treat dryness and damage is a repairing conditioner.


Fast Fix: Second Chance Repairing Conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair

We developed our Second Chance Repairing Conditioner with moisturizing vegan oils that penetrate the hair shaft to hydrate and strengthen your hair. Give your tresses a second chance with a repairing conditioner that seals in moisture for gorgeous shine!


Bonus Tip for Dry, Damaged Hair

Remember to concentrate your conditioner on the bottom half of your hair, mid-shaft to ends. To get the most out of your conditioner, gently squeeze excess water out of your just-washed tresses before applying conditioner. This way, your moisturizing conditioner won't slide right off, allowing it time to fully penetrate hair strands.



You Have: Hair that Needs a Moisturizing and Smoothing Transformation


Hair Concerns: Dryness and Damage Despite Regular Conditioning

If we've been dealing with severe dryness and damage for a long time, sometimes our regular moisturizing conditioner isn't enough—even if it's a good sulfate-free conditioner! As we age, it can feel like our hair is destined to be dry and brittle. But this doesn't have to be the case! When you've got major dryness and damage, the best type of conditioner is a good deep conditioner for damaged hair that packs maximum hydration.


Fast Fix: Hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque

For a major injection of hydration, try a moisture-rich deep conditioner for dry, damaged hair like our Hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque for all hair textures. Packed with plant-based oils like argan, avocado and macadamia, Hair Redemption hydrates and smooths strands, leaving even the driest strands silky and manageable!


Bonus Tip for Dryness and Damage Despite Regular Conditioning

To maximize the benefits of your deep conditioning hair mask, after drying and styling your hair, apply a dab of butter mask on the ends of strands to further smooth dry, split ends.


Still not sure which is the best type of conditioner for you? Take our Better Hair Quiz to find out the perfect conditioner for your hair type and hair issues.



Tell Us: Which sulfate-free conditioner is the best type for your scalp and hair issues? Share in the comments below!


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