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by Better Not Younger August 05, 2020

You love and boldly embrace your gray hair as a celebration of a new you. Then one morning, a glance in the mirror lets you know the celebration is over — your silvery strands have become brassy and dull.

Lack of shine is one of the most common complaints women make about their gray hair. Shine and texture are both affected by internal and external factors, and your slate locks can quickly lose luster without the proper care.

With a little regimen adjustment, scalp and hair nutrient infusion, and protection from environmental aggressors, your gray hair will shine naturally in no time.

How Your Grays Become Dull

Your aging hair is affected by hormonal changes triggered by menopause. These changes affect oil-producing sebaceous glands, which become sluggish and manufacture less sebum oil. Sebum is necessary for the health and hydration of your scalp and strands.

The cuticle, or outer part of your hair shaft, is made of overlapping layers of cells that can open and close. When lack of sebum dries your hair, your cuticles lift and make your hair appear coarse, frizzy, and dull. Closed cuticles lie flat, on the other hand, giving you smooth, shiny hair.

Heavy sulfate shampoos, high-heat styling tools, UV rays, and pollution can also damage and dry out your cuticles. Dull hair happens when your open cuticles attract dust and dirt.

Make Your Gray Hair Shine Naturally

Your gray hair is distinctive in its hue and texture and requires a little TLC to make it look and feel its best. The following are tips to help you fall in love with your grays all over again.

Clothing Hues to Highlight Your Hair

Interestingly, your clothing color choice can amplify or diminish your gray hair’s natural shine. For example, wearing black can make your gray hair stand out; however, the extreme contrast can make lighter-toned skin appear washed out.

Certain hues like green may not wash out your skin and hair as much but could emphasize yellow tints in your hair. Wearing navy shades can create a nice contrast with your gray hair to give it a bright and shiny appearance.

Eat Well for Lustrous Grays

To naturally boost your gray hair’s shine, drink plenty of water and eat a well-balanced diet loaded with healthy fats, protein- and vitamin-rich foods including:

  • Spinach — A diet that includes vitamin-A rich foods like spinach are crucial for maintaining healthy oil-producing sebaceous Spinach also packs strand-nourishing micro-nutrients like iron, folate, and vitamins A and C.
  • Fatty fish and seeds — Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, tuna, and flax seeds are also beneficial for lustrous hair.
  • Avocados — Avocados contain healthy fats and oils that nourish your scalp and give you hydrated, glossy hair.
  • Walnuts — Walnuts are full of omega-3 and biotin, great for silky, smooth hair.

The food you eat directly impacts the health and luster of your hair. A shortage of vitamins, minerals, and proteins can leave you with lackluster locks, and possibly hair loss.

Fortify Your Follicles for Silky Tresses

Better Not Younger’s Significant Other Hair Fortifying Vitamins bolster the shine and strength of your gray from the inside with vitamins and minerals including:

  • Vitamin A (retinyl acetate) — Vitamin A (retinyl acetate) helps maintain hearty sebaceous glands.
  • Biotin — Biotin is crucial for longer, stronger hair.
  • Vitamin B5 — Vitamin B5 helps regulate hair moisture and sebum oil production.
  • Vitamin B6 — Vitamin B6 stimulates hair follicles to grow robust, shiny locks.
  • Vitamin C — Vitamin C is pivotal for creating collagen, which is vital for strong, satiny grays.
  • Vitamin E — Vitamin E reduces oxidative stress, amps scalp blood supply, and restores the fat layer that protects your cuticle, giving your hair unsurpassed shine.
  • Zinc — Zinc aids tissue growth and sustains proper sebaceous gland functions for silky tresses.

Shampoo and Condition for Supple, Shiny Strands

Choose restorative shampoos and conditioners like Better Not Younger’s Second Chance Low Suds Repairing Shampoo for dry and damaged hair to wage a three-fold attack on drab hair. First, they buoy scalp health by safeguarding oil balance; next, they moisturize from root to tip; and finally, they smooth cuticles for a polished finish.

Second Chance Low Suds Repairing Shampoo contains:

  • Biotin — to fortify keratin infrastructure.
  • Argan oil — to shore up scalp moisture balance and prevent dryness.
  • Citric acid — to lower the pH level of your hair and compress your cuticles.

Follow up with Second Chance Repairing Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair which incorporates:

  • Rice bran protein — to increase strand tensile strength and nourish your hair with omegas-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids.
  • Ceremide-NG lipids — that contribute to shaft moisture attraction and retention.
  • Passionflower fruit extract — which is rich in Vitamin C and linoleic acid to feed and flatten your cuticles

Brighten Your Locks with Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque

Be aware of styling products that turn your hair yellow as they “cure.” Instead, choose products that go on clear and remain transparent as they dry.

To offset brassy hues caused by styling products, hard water, and sun damage, use Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque. This effective masque boasts natural moisturizing ingredients like avocado and mango butter to soften and infuse your tresses with powerful nutrients.

A violet optic agent reduces yellow tone intensity — lightening and brightening your natural grays.

Shine Your Hair Naturally With Better Not Younger

Your life shines brighter than ever, and so should your hair. Don’t let UV rays, pollution, or your aging hair’s innate biology dull your steely luster. Protect and nourish it by eating well, wearing a sunhat, and using high-quality hair care products from Better Not Younger.

Visit our product page to discover Better Not Younger’s collection of treatments geared for your specific age-related scalp or hair issue.

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Alison Hammerquist

August 06, 2020

Love your product line. Ordered some over the Spring -pandemic delays, international shipping. Would so love if It was more affordable here in Canada. Noticed Sephora in US carries the line – be great if they did in Canada to save the shipping cost. Hope to try more of the product line. And continue with the fabulous hair serum – it works!! Thank you 😊

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