Is Volumizing Shampoo Good for Gray or Silver Hair?

For many women, their gray hair seems to possess a personality all its own. Its texture is often coarse, unruly, and stubborn, causing it to resist many of our tried-and-true styling techniques. However, all hair textures can lack volume and body if you use the wrong shampoos or use them incorrectly.

Is volumizing shampoo good for gray or silver hair? Yes, if you select the right one. Better Not Younger has formulated volumizing shampoo specifically designed to work with your one-of-a-kind hair biology to create stunning hair no matter how often you use it. Continue reading to learn more.

Causes of Gray or Silver Hair

It all begins with your melanocytes — melanin-producing cells responsible for your hair’s color.

Each of your hair bulbs has a store of dormant melanocytes and active melanocytes. When your hair completes its hair growth phase (anagen phase), your hair follicle rebuilds and taps into its store of inactive melanocytes to replace the depleted active ones. However, when your inventory of dormant melanocytes is used up, your hair no longer has pigmentation and turns gray or silver.

How much you turn gray, or its particular shade is primarily dictated by your genes, though stress can also play a part.

Volumizing Shampoos That May Be Bad for Gray or Silver Hair

Some hair care systems and volumizing shampoos that profess to give you fuller hair are only doing so temporarily. Aging changes cause your once silky locks to turn wispy and delicate, or your formerly thick mane may be coarse and wiry.

Certain brands of volumizing shampoos can exacerbate the problem using harmful sulfates and other ingredients that can dry your hair and inflame your scalp.

Sulfates, in particular, force open your cuticles, reducing strand structure integrity and leaving your hair vulnerable to split ends and breakage. These severe cleansers also strip the natural lipid fatty acids from your scalp, blocking sebum oil production, which leads to red, inflamed skin.

Other volumizing shampoo solutions only last for a short time, and once they wash out or wear off, your gray or silver locks wind up in worse condition than before.

Volumizing shampoos to avoid including:

  • Products with an elevated pH count — pH is a number that expresses how acidic or alkaline a solution may be, where 7.0 is neutral. Your scalp has a naturally acidic pH level of 5.5, while your hair shaft is about 3.67. If your shampoo is alkaline (higher than 7.0), it can cause the protective cuticle cells on your strands to open, exposing the cortex. When your cortex is left unprotected, your hair fibers are prone to breakage and become dull, tangled, and rough.

  • Shampoos with synthetic polymers — To experience long-term hair volume, keep clear of synthetic polymers. Thickening shampoos with these ingredients will plump your strands for a short time; however, the residue left behind will cause your thin hair to go flat over time.

The Best Volumizing Shampoo for Gray or Silver Hair

As we age, our shingle-like cuticle layer becomes more delicate. Thinner cuticles can undergo increased damage and moisture-loss from humidity, UV rays, and harsh sulfate shampoos.


Better Not Younger’s sulfate-free Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo gently cleanses away impurities while shoring up moisture retention and balancing your scalp’s pH level. Our lightweight shampoo is gentle on your fragile cuticles while volumizing your strands from root to tip using beneficial ingredients including:

    • Burdock root extract — Burdock root is a plant native to Asia and Europe and has been used for hundreds of years in holistic medicine to treat various conditions. These roots contain potent antioxidants to reduce scalp inflammation — plus potassium, vitamin A, and essential fatty acids to enrich and nourish your hair follicles.

    • Bamboo– Bamboo is made up of 70% silica, a micronutrient found in our skin, bones, and hair. As an ingredient in Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo, bamboo helps your hair support moisture retention, clears your scalp of build-up, and gives your mane a radiant shine. It also improves growth by stimulating scalp blood flow.

    • Hops extract — Hops extract is a vitamin and antioxidant-rich nutrient added to Wake Up Call to improve shine and reduce itchy flakes. Hops also unblock your scalp's pores to foster growth and reduce hair loss.

    • Sage (Salvia officinalis) — Sage is a Mediterranean culinary herb with curative properties known worldwide. Its scientific name, Salvia, is derived from the Latin word “salvo," which means “I save.” Sage’s organic astringent qualities cleanse the pores in your scalp while balancing the sebum production in your sebaceous glands, leaving you with shiny, vibrant hair.

    • Decyl glucoside — Decyl glucoside is a biodegradable, corn- and coconut-derived surfactant that is mild enough for all hair types. Used in place of harsh sulfate surfactants, decyl glucoside foams up nicely and gently cleans without drying your scalp or damaging your hair.

    • Biotin — Biotin, also called B7, is a water-soluble vitamin that improves your body's keratin infrastructure, strengthening your strands. Keratin is an underlying protein found in your skin, nails, and hair. Biotin has been found in limited hair studies to boost hair growth.


To help keep your gray or silver hair look its best, follow your shampoo and conditioning regimen with Better Not Younger’s Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque. This smooth enhancing masque contains five natural butters, vitamins, and caffeine to stimulate your scalp and hydrate your tresses. Use it in place of your daily conditioner one or two times a week.

Discover BNY’s Volumizing Shampoo for Your Gray or Silver Hair

Beautiful, voluminous-looking hair doesn’t need to end with the appearance of grays or silvers. At Better Not Younger, we formulate our products to work with any hair texture or type. Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo utilizes weightless cleansing technology to infuse life back into thin, fine, or flat hair.

Wake Up Call was created to volumize gray or silver hair effectively and is also safe to use on color- or keratin-treated hair. Fall in love with your hair again by discovering Better Not Younger's entire line of age-inspired hair care products on our Shop page.