Mom Hair: Debunking 5 Myths


Moms are the pillars of society—they raise the next generation, keep the household together, and they do it all in style. They shoulder an amazing amount of responsibility.

Which is why moms, especially the new ones, might be surprised by the number of myths circulating out there about what society thinks they should and shouldn’t do with their bodies, particulary when it comes to their hair. The amount of information and misinformation can be dizzying. But as always, Better Not Younger is here to clear up a few of the most common mom hair myths out there.

Myth: Moms Should Have Short Hair

Fact: Moms can have short hair, long hair, no hair and everything in between. Moms can have Mohawks, dreadlocks and buzzcuts. Your hair doesn’t define you, so rock what you’ve got!

Moms don’t deserve to be told what they should and shouldn’t do with their bodies (any more than anyone else)—it’s no one’s concern. Gone are the days of moms being the sole caregiver and performing their household duties before their partner gets home. These days, moms have careers and hobbies—they have a voice. There’s so much more that’s important to them. And they don’t have time to listen to someone else’s “shoulds,” period.

Myth: Moms Have to Dye Their Hair


Fact: Moms have enough on their plates without society telling them they have to look perfect while molding the next generation. Whether a mom cares if her hair is dyed or not is her business and her business only.


If you decide that motherhood is the right time to try out gray hair, Better Not Younger is here to make sure your hair is at its healthiest. Our Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque is designed specifically to nourish, soften and condition your hair all while eliminating any unwanted yellow tones. 

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For an extra boost, partner our silver lining mask with our Silver Lining Purple Brightening Shampoo to add lift to your gray, silver, platinum or blond hair.

Myth: Moms Shouldn’t Be Sexy


Moms are sexy. Anyone who says differently is lying. 


Moms don’t suddenly lose their sex appeal after having kids. It’s not like bippity-boppity you’re just-a-mom now. As a matter of fact, many of the hormones produced during pregnancy can actually make your hair and skin look lusher, healthier and even more va-va-voom..

Isn’t it time that we, as a society, said no more to mom-shaming? Moms are out there doing the best they can, however they can, and they deserve our support, not our judgment. So the next time you see a mom rocking her best look while keeping her kids’ chaos in check, give her a boost instead of trying to tear her down.

Myth: Having Kids Turns Your Hair Gray

Fact: This isn’t necessarily true. While stress has been scientifically linked to graying hair, not all stress is created equal. 

The particular type of stress that has been linked to graying hair is actually the “fight-or-flight” stress response produced by the adrenal glands—not something usually associated with raising children. So while having kids might give you a couple of gray strands, you’re not going to wake up the next day with a head full of silver strands. Promise.

Having kids can, however, put your hair-care routine on the back burner. If that’s the case, we’re here to help you bring life back to your locks. Packed with natural oils and restorative butters, our Hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque will nourish your hair and lock in the moisture. All you need to do is add it to your hair-care routine once or twice a week.

Myth: Moms Don’t Care How They Look


This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Giving birth, adopting or any other method of becoming a parent doesn’t suddenly change how someone feels about their outward appearance. But if it does, there could be something more serious involved. In cases such as these, it’s best to consult your doctor.


Remember that moms are doing their best, whatever that looks like for them. We all have good days and bad days, and that includes moms. Having a bad day or two doesn’t mean you don’t care about how you look. Moms deserve the best for their hair—and that includes their lashes!

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Moms are amazing—and capable of so much more than we know. Better Not Younger is here to support them in everything they do, with a wide array of products for all their hair-care needs. We’ve got everything you need to bring glory back to your hair with quality, natural ingredients. So stop by our blog for more hair-care information and visit our Shop page to pick up whatever you need!