Spring Awakening: 6 Ways to Start Fresh for the New Season


Spring is a natural time for cleansing and organizing your life and the space around you—which means it’s time to clean out the clutter from your winter hibernation. While most people remember to move their winter clothes and boots to the back of the closet or stash them in bins under their beds, their product lineup is often forgotten.

We suggest making room for your spring things and evaluating your mental and physical health. Examine your routines and day-to-day life. Do you need to make a change? If so, now might be the right time to do it.


1. Make Self-Care a Priority

Spring is the perfect time to get your self-care routine back on track. Shake off those winter blues and trade your PJ pants for a cute dress, t-shirt, and shorts. Then go outside and get some sunlight—go for a walk or bike ride and get your endorphins flowing. Mental health is more important now than ever due to the pandemic and ongoing changes in the work environment.

Self-care takes many forms, from face masks and spa days to baking or picking up a long-forgotten hobby. Spring is the time to do what makes you happy and makes you smile.


2. Start a New Routine

There’s no time like now to start working on your physical and mental health. Spring is the perfect time to add a new habit or routine—whether adding yummy supplements to your morning regimen to boost you from the inside out or cutting out one of your guilty pleasures, like that daily soda.

Various studies have found that developing a new habit takes 18 to 254 days due to many personal and environmental factors. So start now and keep going. Above all, don’t forget to contact family or friends for support in maintaining and stabilizing your new routine.


3. Declutter Your Product Stash

Everyone talks about decluttering your closet and donating those clothes you never wear, but how often do we ever talk about decluttering your hair-care products? Yes, that includes the ones you tried once and then pushed to the back of the cabinet. Once you’ve pulled everything out and gone through it all, take a deep breath and…Throw. Them. Out.

If you don’t love them and you’re not using them, stop hoarding them. You know you'll never use them again, and you probably forgot most of them existed in the first place. So take a moment to identify the essentials and the occasional, like your favorite hair masks and scalp cleansers (in addition to your shampoo and conditioner).


4. Reset Your Mindset

Don’t let yourself succumb to those dreary rainy days sprinkled throughout spring. The sun will soon shine again.

In the meantime, try out a daily mantra or sprinkle some words of inspiration throughout your home and office. Words are powerful; sometimes, all you need to get or keep you going is a reminder that you’re strong enough to survive anything. Just a smidge of positivity or inspiration can significantly impact your mood and the atmosphere around you.


5. Give Your Hair A Break From the Flat Iron

With increased humidity, it might be easier to stow your flat iron in a drawer for the season rather than fight an uphill battle. Instead, set your natural curls and waves free and let them begin to heal from any heat damage. Of course, that will be less of an issue if you remember to use protection, like our No Remorse Heat Protection & Taming Spray.

Spring might be the perfect time for you to start a new hair-care routine, too. Put away the heavy conditioners and grab the dry shampoo to instantly renew your locks between washes (shampooing every day can be drying for aging hair). Take time to get to know your natural tresses and experiment with new hairstyles and accessories. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new hair-care love!


6. Lengthen Your Locks

Spring may also be an excellent time to grow out those luscious locks. After exfoliating and stimulating your scalp to freshen your follicles, focus on the other steps in your hair routine. Whether you’re struggling to lengthen your locks or want to boost your hair’s health to avoid breakage and dryness, including a hair serum in your hair-care routine can optimize your results by ensuring your hair is as healthy as possible.

Start fresh in the new season with Better Not Younger’s many products. We’ve got whatever go-to solution you need to kick off your spring hair-care refresh the right way, with quality, natural ingredients. Please stop by our blog for more hair-care information, and visit our shop page for all your hair-care needs.