What Are the Best Volumizing Conditioners?


So, you’re probably reading this because your once-bouncy locks aren’t lifting the way they once did. Your strands are limp and more delicate than a few years ago. What gives? The answer could be menopause. Along with hot flashes and night sweats, menopause wreaks havoc on your scalp health and plays a considerable part in upsetting your hair biology.

Thankfully, some conditioners address the hair challenges women in their 40s, 50s and beyond face in their mirrors every morning. Volumizing conditioners were created to hydrate your strands and breathe life into your fine, flat fibers. 

What are the best volumizing conditioners? Conditioners that provide root-lifting body while softening your hair. Conditioners that amp up the volume without weighing your hair down. 

Below we’ll discuss a conditioner that meets these criteria while addressing the root cause.

Benefits of Using a Volumizing Conditioner Product

Women with flat or fine hair typically want a conditioner to keep their strands manageable. However, they also want it to be light enough to give it a volume boost. 

It needs to deliver smoothing ingredients to your hair shaft without leaving behind buildup. The outer layer of each hair is covered in tiny overlapping cells called cuticles. When your cuticles are damaged, it can give your strands a coarse texture and make them appear rough. 

Besides adding volume, conditioners contain emollients and nourishing ingredients to:

  • Lock in moisture.
  • Reduce split ends and static.
  • Make hair easier to style.
  • Prevent breakage.
  • Fortify your cortex.
  • Coat and protect your tresses from environmental stressors.
  • Make hair easier to comb through.

Though there is a wide range of companies selling volumizing conditioners, many fail to address the underlying reasons for your lusterless locks.

Reasons Your Hair Lacks Volume

There are several reasons your hair can appear flat, and knowing what they are can help you choose the best volumizing conditioner for your situation.

Fine Hair

If your once thick and lustrous mane is now fine and brittle, it may be due to the age-related physiological changes your body is experiencing. Higher dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels cause your follicles to shrink. The strands that push through are smaller and finer than before. 

Your fine hair can appear flatter because of its wispy texture and decreased elasticity. Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner is a conditioner made by Better Not Younger to moisturize and condition your hair without weighing it down.  

Wake Up Call also contains bamboo, which is made up of 70% silica, an organic compound shown to increase your hair’s ability to retain moisture. Hydrated strands appear fuller, giving you the look of a thick, voluminous mane.

Thin Hair

Thin hair occurs when fewer strands grow along your part line or throughout your scalp. Androgenetic alopecia, also known as female pattern hair loss (FPHL), is another age-related side-effect of DHT. The DHT-damaged follicles experience a shorter growth cycle or may quit producing strands altogether, increasing scalp exposure. 

Your scalp’s natural sebum oil can clog your follicles, leading to thin, lifeless hair. Clogged follicles can prevent your hair fiber from reaching the surface and stop it from growing and cycling correctly. 

Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner also uses a natural astringent called sage to help unclog your follicles and balance sebum oil production.

Excessive Grease

Grease is a leading offender when it comes to flat hair. As you go about your day, your strands are coated with a mixture of dirt, pollutants and excess sebum, sapping the life out of your locks.  

As a hair fiber grows upward through your follicle, it pushes past sebaceous glands that deposit sebum on its surface. Too much sebum can cause your scalp and strands to become greasy. 

To clean greasy hair, use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo like Better Not Younger’s Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo. Follow with Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner, which contains hops extract to infuse life and luster into your tresses. This antioxidant-rich oil nourishes, thickens and smoothes lank hair. 

Using the Wrong Volumizing Conditioner

Are you a person who wanders into a drug store and grabs just any conditioner that happens to be on sale? If so, you may want to rethink your current hair routine. As we’ve discussed, your hair biology plays a significant role in the products that will work and those that won’t. You need a volumizing conditioner formulated for you and your mane.

Other Ingredients Found in BNY’s Volumizing Conditioner

Quality, sulfate-free conditioners, like Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner, creates soft, pliable strands while hydrating your scalp. It prevents breakage and diminishes tangles and frizz. In addition to the ingredients discussed above, Wake Up Call contains:

  • Copper tripeptide-1: Copper tripeptide-1 (GHK-Cu) is a peptide that has been shown to improve scalp micro-circulation, reduce inflammation, enlarge follicles, increase strand thickness, safeguard skin cells from UV damage and enhance skin elasticity.
    • Burdock root:  Burdock root nourishes your follicles and scalp with crucial nutrients, including iron, fatty acids, potassium and vitamin A. 
    • Apigenin — Apigenin is a plant-based substance found in chamomile and other plants. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant traits to provide you with hair that continues to flourish despite menopause’s best efforts to prevent it.

    Best volumizing conditioner

    How to Apply Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner

    For the best results, try the following tips:

    • Wash your hair with Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo.
    • Squeeze out excess water. 
    • Gently massage in conditioner.
    • Focus on the lengths and ends.
    • Rinse well.
    • Use three or four times per week, or as needed.

    Give Your Limp Hair a Wake Up Call with Better Not Younger

    Better Not Younger’s Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner is a featherweight solution that creates volume without buildup for an amplified look that lasts.

    Scientifically formulated to address aging hair that is fine, thinning, oily or breakage-prone, this potent conditioner treats and protects vulnerable strands to foster strength, health and manageability. 

    To reinvigorate your tired strands from the inside out, visit our Shop page to try out our entire line of hair care products.