5 Ways a Day at the Beach Could Be the Secret to Better Hair

Heading to the beach isn’t just about fun in the sun—it has healthy benefits, too. With warm weather finally in full swing, a day down the shore or even a long-weekend island getaway (you do you!) may be exactly what the doctor ordered to help you get back to a healthier body and balanced mindset. It could also make your hairstylist happy. Keep reading to discover how a day at the beach just might supercharge your hair and scalp health this summer!

  1. Doubling Down on Vitamin D Boosts Your Hair's Health

    What better way to get your vitamin D levels in check than by soaking up some sun—SPF and sunhat in tow for safe sunning, of course. Did you know, a recent study revealed that vitamin D levels are generally lower in people experiencing hair loss?

    When beach days or spending time in the sun just don’t fit into the plan, a supplement like our new Significant Other Hair, Skin and Nail Gummies + Retinol Boost will not only give you extra vitamin D, biotin and folic acid but also double the vitamin A to boost your body’s retinol production for brighter, glowing skin and unbeatably shiny hair. 

    Doubling Down on Vitamin D Helps Hair Grow

  1. Sweating It Out Is Good for the Scalp

    A day at the beach isn’t complete without a little sporty fun. Frisbee, volleyball… you pick your game—just start moving! When you get your heart rate up you’re naturally increasing blood flow and circulation through the body—all good stuff! Plus working up a sweat means more nutrients and oxygen are reaching your scalp, where healthy hair starts. So grab your hat, hit the sand and show your hair follicles what a little friendly competition is all about. 

    Picnicking with Seasonal Produce Hydrates Hair


  1. Picnicking with Seasonal Produce Hydrates Hair

    Summer is synonymous with fresh veggies and ripe juicy fruits—the perfect snacks when packing a picnic lunch on the sand. Remember, fruits and veggies that are in season, organic and raw deliver the highest nutrient levels. Even better, foods with high-water content like watermelon (which also happens to be packed with amino acids, the building blocks of collagen), cantaloupe and cucumbers are especially refreshing—so they offer your skin and hair extra hydration while keeping you cool and energized. Remember, hydrated hair is happier hair.

    Soothing Ocean Sounds Decrease Stress

  2. Soothing Ocean Sounds Decrease Stress

    There’s a reason why ocean waves are a popular selection on sound machines—they’re extremely calming. And where there are soothing, non-threatening sounds, there are often lower levels of stress. So why does this matter so much for your hair? When your mind is at ease and your stress levels are lower, so are your cortisol levels (aka your body’s stress hormone). And balanced hormones mean hair-growth cycles are less likely to be disrupted. So pull out your AirPods and take in nature’s peaceful music.

    While you’re taking that time out to quiet your mind and breathe in the salty sea air, give your tresses a little treat, too. Our No Remorse Summer Hydrating Shield, in a new convenient 2 oz mini size, is the perfect midday moisturizing mist for added hydration while fighting frizz and flyaways. 

  1. Skin- and Scalp-Friendly Nutrients Lie Deep Beneath the Sea

    So much goodness is found deep within the sea, and collagen—something we’ve all learned our hair loves—is just one of its bounties worth talking about. Marine collage, in particular, has the unique ability to act as an antioxidant to fight follicle-attacking free radicals caused by UV exposure and chronic stress, among other things. This is why we love the benefits of our Power Within Skin and Scalp Collagen Gummies with marine collagen types I and III for thicker, healthier hair and follicle and scalp health. Cheers to the secrets of the sea!

Before you hit road for your fabulous beach-day escape, don’t forget to take along our new limited-edition Best Summer Hair Kit. Packed with all the hydrating, heat-protecting and frizz-fighting hair-care essentials you’ll need for a day in the sun, it comes in a cute, colorful neoprene pouch you’ll want by your side all summer long.

Still planning your summer adventure? At Better Not Younger we’re here to bring you all the hair-care tips and expert advice to help you protect, style and repair your hair in any summertime situation—so you can enjoy your best hair and healthiest scalp this summer. 

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