7 Effortless Summer Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Autumn


Saying farewell to summer is always a bit of a drag, but your summer hairstyles can easily become autumn hairstyles without a whole lot of work on your part. We know, you love the carefree nature of summer hair that’s simple and out of the way, but even when the seasons change, the weather is still warm and a hassle-free hairstyle is still important.

As we transition into the fall months, check one thing off your list and don’t worry about a new autumn hairstyle. Bring that summer ‘do with you into autumn and keep living that effortless lifestyle. Here’s how to bring your cute, easy summer hairstyles into fall.

Easy quick summer hairstyles

Undone Updo 

Let us guess—a few months ago, you were trying to figure out cute, easy summer hairstyles that’ll keep you cool, give life to thinning hair, and be effortless to take care of. If you landed on an undone updo, it makes sense! These summer hairstyles—which can very easily become autumn hairstyles—are the epitome of effortless. Your hair goes up and out of your face, and held back by whatever is nearby: a bandana, a scrunchie, a pen, you name it!

What’s also so great about this summer hairstyle is that it easily transitions from day to night and it’s whatever you want it to be. If you tied your hair up into a messy updo to sit out by the pool on vacation, you can easily add a beaded barrette to it for an evening out to dinner or use a few bobby pins to hold back a few more strands—purposeful ease at its best.

Beach Waves

You don’t have to leave your beach dreams behind once the weather turns cooler. Keeping the beach—and your beachy waves—in mind all year long is perfectly acceptable. Beach waves may be the summery result of a dip in the pool and a little bit of sweat in the sun, but you can re-create them during the fall with your curling iron—and even without your curling iron if you follow these creative hacks for heatless beach waves. Once the cooler weather really sets in, having beach waves will keep you in the summer mood, and you can’t go wrong with that when thinking of autumn hairstyles.

Gorgeously Gray

During the summer, when you just want to enjoy the sun, family time and a bit of relaxation, it’s understandable if you push your hair appointments to the wayside and let your grays shine through. It’s hard to fit in a hair appointment if you’re on vacation! If you’ve started embracing your grays in the summer months, why not keep that going through the fall? Your gray strands are beautiful and are a sign of a life well-lived, so carry them with you into the cooler months. 

Make sure you’re taking care of those grays, though, with the right products while you’re washing. Use a purple shampoo and our Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque to nourish, soften and condition coarse, brittle hair while eliminating unwanted yellow tones for a perfect silver finish.

Sweeping Layers

You may have already lived through the ‘90s, but everything from that era is back in style again, and that includes sweeping layers and choppy haircuts. If you jumped on that trend at the top of the summer—and let’s be real, who didn’t?—keep it up for fall. The ‘90s are still very much en vogue, and those sweeping layers will continue to add body to your tresses all the way through winter.

Layers are especially great for curly girls who want to give their hair some shape. Sweeping layers let curls softly taper toward the ends, removing some of the heft from your ends and helping your curls lay more gracefully around your face. Make sure you’re nourishing your curls with Better Not Younger’s License to Curl: Curl Revival Boost Spray, which reshapes and reactivates loose, thinning, aging curls, helping them stay resilient, defined and fresher between washes.

Long, Face-Framing Bangs

Everyone dabbles in bangs throughout life—sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. The beauty of longer bangs, though, is that they’re versatile. This is one of our favorite summer hairstyles because you can clip your bangs back so they’re out of the way in warm weather. Once it cools off, though, and you’re not so worried about getting sweaty, you can let those face-framing bangs down to actually do their job of framing your face.

Curtain bangs are holding strong as a hair trend, thanks to their versatility in styling. This bangs style works on so many hair textures and face shapes, because the exact cut can be tailored to you. You can go a little longer or shorter based on the rest of your cut and sweep them off your face whenever you’re tired of dealing with them. This makes for a cute, easy summer hairstyle that’s also a perfect autumn hairstyle.

Carefree Bob 

Short hair in the summer means keeping cooler and managing all that extra sweat, but a bob haircut is trendy no matter the season. Keeping your bob intact as you move into fall and temperatures drop has its perks, too. A bob haircut removes the worry of hair tangles from bulky scarves and coat collars—and nothing looks quite as chic as a bob and turtleneck combo on a crisp fall day!

To maintain your bob, you just need to keep it in shape with regular trims. This will ensure it’s super simple to style at home and always looks sharp—but still carefree!

Pro tip: Our No Remorse Heat Protection & Taming Spray is not only a terrific product for keeping your bob smooth and frizz-free in the summer. It also helps reduce static in your hair—something you’ll see a lot more of once cooler temperatures set in.

Low Ponytail 

Summer hairstyles are all about easy and breezy. There’s nothing simpler than an effortless low ponytail. We love pulling our hair back into a quick ponytail on a warm summer day to keep the hair off our faces. But you know what? It’s still plenty warm in fall, and we’re still busy people, so those low ponytails are still a great way to wear hair in autumn months, too. 

When you’re pulling your hair back into a ponytail, though, just be careful not to tie it too tight—you don’t want to cause any breakage. Aging hair is already starting to become thinner and more delicate, which means it’s more prone to breakage, especially if you’re not careful. Instead of a tight ponytail, wear it low and loose and consider a soft hair tie, like a scrunchie, for less stress on your strands.

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Better Not Younger has all the style inspiration you need to help your aging hair look vibrant, healthy and full of volume all year round—and summer hairstyles that can easily become autumn hairstyles are just the beginning! We’ve also got all your hair-care needs covered with products designed specifically for mature hair so your strands stay strong and look healthy no matter the season.