Layered Bangs Are Back in a New Way


We’ve all gone through a phase of thinking we desperately need bangs. While cutting bangs on a whim is rarely a good idea (especially short, blunt bangs), if you have bangs on the brain, consider some of the latest hairstyles with bangs. Long, layered bangs are extremely popular these days, and for good reason.


These hairstyles with bangs require much less commitment than a short bang does for a few reasons. One, your bangs are longer so the cut isn’t as dramatic. And two, if it turns out these latest hairstyles with bangs aren’t for you, it’ll take less time to grow your hair back out into how you had it before.


Now when you’re thinking about the latest hairstyles with bangs, you must, of course, look to Hollywood, as the stars are the best inspiration for your next trip to the hair salon. Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry have dabbled in long layered bangs, opting for hairstyles that allow them to sweep their long bangs away from their face when desired. Cynthia Nixon has a piecey, side-swept bang on her pixie cut, and her And Just Like That character has a similar but different side-swept bang, too! Priyanka Chopra also has long bangs that she pulls out from time to time, giving a slight frame to her face. And while her bangs are on the short side of long, you can’t talk about the latest hairstyles with bangs without mentioning Zooey Deschanel. She’s made thick layered bangs part of her signature look.


For a few trendy takes on the latest hairstyles with bangs, check out Better Not Younger’s ideas ahead. And because it’s not uncommon to experience some buyer’s remorse when trying out bangs, we’ll also get into how long it takes to grow your bangs back out and how to take care of your hair during the process!


3 Ways to Wear Layered Bangs


 1. Curtain Bangs

Layered Bangs Are Back in a New Way and Better Not Younger features Halle Berry wearing Curtain Bangs on a red carpet event.

Curtain bangs are all the rage as of late. They stormed into Hollywood a little over a year ago and haven’t gone away since. Curtain bangs are a versatile way to wear long, layered bangs and work well on a lot of different hair types—even curls! Even if you have aging hair, curtain bangs can still work for you. These bangs are usually a bit on the long side—past your eyes—but stay parted. Think of it like having curtains to your face. Those are your curtain bangs! Numerous celebrities have dabbled in curtain bangs, so you’ll be right on trend with these.

 2. Bottleneck Bangs

Zooey Deschanel. She’s made thick layered bangs part of her signature look.

Bottleneck bangs, the latest take on the layered bangs look, let you have the bangs you’ve been contemplating without making too much of a commitment. While short, blunt bangs are prominent (totally fierce, but prominent), this updated take on the curtain bangs leave some shorter strands on your forehead to frame your face for a universally flattering look—though they’re easy enough to push to the side or clip back with bobby pins. Bottleneck bangs offer a soupçon of ‘70s sensibility that fits seamlessly into so many hairstyles.


3. Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are one of those hairstyles with bangs that have always been a safe bet. These layered bangs are subtle and are the in-between of short bangs and no bangs. This way you still have some layers framing your face, but they can easily be pinned out of your face. Plus, if you’re fond of the side part, side-swept bangs will work perfectly on your hair. You can use these layered bangs on short hair or long hair just the same.


How Long Does It Take for Bangs to Grow Out?


Growing out bangs can be extremely frustrating, especially if you want them gone right away. Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily a fast process, especially if your bangs are short. If you have long bangs, though, you can clip them back or to the side while they grow so that you’re not still looking at them. Your hair grows about a half inch every month, so that will help you gauge how long it’ll take until your bangs meet the rest of your hair.

Nourishing your hair with a scalp serum and massaging it in with a scalp massager can also help keep your strands strong while you’re growing out bangs so there’s less breakage in the process. And don’t forget to take a root-strengthening supplement and all the needed vitamins for healthy! This can certainly help the pesky process of growing out your bangs.


Tell Us: Are you ready to give layered bangs a try? Share your thoughts on the look you like best in the comments below!


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