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by Better Not Younger December 21, 2018

It is a well-known fact that the majority of women feel more confident than ever before by the time we reach our 40s. Along with this self-assurance, comes the opportunity to have more fun with our hair and explore new haircuts, hairstyles and hair colors.

Hair becomes an even greater instrument of self-expression, going beyond the latest trends and no longer needing to conform to social beauty cues. Now, it is all about the better version of us!

So the styling team at Better Not Younger has put together a list of top styles that can work well with the thinner density and texture changes of hair after 40. When trying out new lengths and shapes, it will be important that you bear in mind your face shape and lifestyle. And of course, it should go well with your personality to make the look truly your own!

Short - chic - hair

This week we will start with short hairstyles. Short hair can be comfortable and low-maintenance, and it absolutely doesn’t have to mean having less styling possibilities or boring hair! Rather, it can be chic, alluring and playful too, and it can actually highlight your beautiful cheekbones.

While updos may be harder to achieve, there are many other ways to style short hair. The cherry on top: Shorter cuts can make hair look fuller since you will no longer have damaged ends that look stringy and give the illusion of thinner hair.

1. The Shaggy Bob

Your classic bob with oodles of bangs and layers that give it that choppier shag look. The Shaggy Bob gives a nice extra bounce and makes fine and thinning hair look thicker even without blow-drying it. It is easy to keep up, yet it can make a stylish statement and turn heads.

The Shaggy Bob is one of the most versatile cuts. It can be worn tousled (great for disguising unruly frizz), wavy or straight and can even be just wash-and-go depending on your hair’s texture. This style flatters pretty much all face types. Apply a smoothing mousse to damp hair to tame it and encourage texture.

Pro tip for curly style lovers: opt for beachy waves and avoid well-defined curls, which could actually make the Shaggy Bob look somewhat dated.

Short Hair Styles Side-Parted Shaggy Bob Better Not Younger
Side-parted Shaggy Bob

This side-parted shaggy bob looks relaxed, yet classy. Switching to a side part creates instant lift at the crown and the additional layers coming from the other side give extra volume. The side-part serves beautifully to provide balance to fuller face shapes and to soften strong jawlines.

Short Hair Styles Slick-back Shaggy Bob Better Not Younger
Slick-back Shaggy Bob

A bangs-back style gives a nice visual facelift. This look accentuates the jaw line so it will be especially flattering on long, oval or heart-shaped faces.

2. The Feminine Pixie

Looking for a bolder change to revamp your look? Go for a pixie cut that is short enough to stand out from the crowd yet long enough to maintain its feminine charm. Bangs will help give it an extra boost of style and wispy sideburns keep it lady-like. Avoid too much height at the top to ensure a modern look.

Pixies will look fabulous with naturally gray hair and they tend to work best on women with oval, heart-shaped or square faces. Feeling especially joyful today? Accent your pixie with bright lips and a statement piece.

Pro tip: make sure not to add too many or too heavy styling products that will bring down your pixie look.

stand out with your pixie look
Stand out from the crowd

Whether you are going from long to short, vice versa, or keeping the same length and just changing styles, the key is to keep having fun with your hair. And if you are still not sure about trying out that new haircut or style you have been eyeing for months (and even have a picture of in your fridge door!), here is some additional inspiration from the words of George Bernard Shaw: “We don`t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”.

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Better Not Younger
Better Not Younger


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