7 Reasons We Love the Side-Swept Look for Thinning Hair


TikTok teens may have declared the side part dead—but we have a difference of opinion on the matter. Side-part shaming aside when we’re talking about thin, aging hair (something we know quite a bit about), we believe the side part is not only super-stylish but it’s one of the most universally flattering looks for women over 40, especially those looking to add instant volume and body to their tresses.

Our top 7 reasons we’re embracing the side part look for thin hair:

1. Offers Endless Styling Options

Right, left, slightly askew—who’s taking sides? The choice is entirely up to you. So just have fun, test out different angles, even get strategic about it—and let your personal style shine! Parting your hair higher up with a steeper slant at the crown creates a lifting effect while a lower part that lands closer to your temples appears more sculpted and can even help elongate a rounder face. A side part that’s slightly off-center beautifully brings attention to your eyes and cheekbones. (To achieve this look, trace a line up from the inner edge of one eye—and that’s where you’ll part your hair.) No matter the angle, experiment with curved, straight, or even zigzagged lines—each alters how your hair falls around your face. The beauty of it all? If you ever get bored with your look, just give your hair a flip!

2. Instantly Boosts Volume

When you sweep your hair to the side, 9 times out of 10 you’re going against your natural part—so this creates body and volume. (Note: A center part typically does the opposite, taking away volume at the crown.) When your hair has more volume, especially higher up by your cheekbones, it also distracts from areas you may want to downplay, like a less-streamlined lower jaw, and adds an overall feeling of youthful fullness to the face.

To further flatter your side part, spritz towel-dried tresses with our Lift Me Up Hair Thickener, which instantly wraps around thinning hair strands lifting hair at the root for thicker-looking hair and beautiful allover lift. A volumizing shampoo and conditioner are essential pieces of the puzzle, too, and they work wonders for helping hair look thicker without weighing it down!

3. Puts All Eyes on Your Eyes

A side part adds allure and mystique—and the soft sweep of your strands across your face helps your eyes pop, too! If you’re someone who loves to play up her peepers or has beautiful brows that can be spotted across the room, the side-swept look is for you. With your eyes taking center stage, don’t forget to make our Superpower Lash Enhancing Serum part of your daily beauty regimen for thicker, darker, fuller, stronger lashes in just 4 weeks. Prefer one eye or side of your face over the other? It’s ok to play favorites—just create your hair part above the side you want to shine!

4. Comes with Fringe Benefits

When there’s something eye-catching to look at, like your stunning side part, it takes the emphasis off less interesting things—your thinning hair. Don’t let sparse strands steal the spotlight. Ask your hairstylist to enhance your side-swept style with layers cut on different angles to help add depth, thickness, and movement to your tresses. This is also the perfect time to try out those fun pieces or layered bangs you’ve been mulling over for months. Not only will they add playful swing but they’ll also create flattering face-framing texture.



5. Knocks Years Off Your Look

Just as the right cut and color can make you appear younger, so can your hair part. And a side part does just this! While a center part may give you a chic polished elegance that’s perfect for a classy occasion, when it comes to your everyday style, it can make your appearance seem more severe, and older, and even drag your face down—and who wants that? A side part instantly adds youthful swing, bounce, and body to your tresses while also flattering and softening your facial features.

6. Helps Conceal Sparse Spots

Is your hair looking a little thinner on one side? This is when a side part truly works its magic—only you will know what lies beneath the sweep. It’s also a genius hair hack for hiding receding hairlines. As part of your daily hair-care regimen, don’t forget to use our Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum, especially on the parts of your scalp that will benefit most from all the hair- and scalp-nourishing ingredients.

7. Universally Flatters All Women

This one’s easy: Have you ever seen a woman wearing a side part and thought, yeah, that’s not the best look for her? I think we made our point. As we mentioned above, the limitless placement options of your side part make it a can-never-go-wrong look that virtually complements every woman with any face shape.


    Tell Us: Do you sport a side part? We want to hear all about how you style your side sweep in the comments below!