What Self-Care Means for Hair Care


"Self-care" is one of those phrases that we hear all the time. People do self-care challenges and self-care Sundays, but what does it actually mean?


We are here to tell you that having a self-care day doesn't mean just indulging in a glass of wine or a hot bath. Instead, self-care is about practicing mindfulness and being attuned to your body's needs—and that includes the needs of your hair. Everyone's routine will look different, but the goal of any self-care routine is to relax and de-stress. Research shows that chronic stress can have a negative impact on hair health, so adding a routine with hair-care benefits is an important self-care step!


Amping up your hair-care steps at home is also a confidence booster. Prioritizing our own needs over the chaos of daily life centers us, and using the right products and best hair-care practices helps us look and feel our best, inside and out.


Read on to learn more about different types of self-care, including hair and scalp-care tips, and the importance of taking care of your hair and skin with a dedicated self-care routine.


Think About Whole-Body Care on Self-Care Day


The importance of taking care of your hair is that it's one aspect of your overall self-care routine that produces outward results.


The best way to approach self-care is to take a whole-body approach. Having gorgeous locks or a glossy new manicure doesn't have the same impact if we're struggling internally. Caring for your mind, body and spirit at once will help you get the most from your self-care day.


But this doesn't mean you need to invest a ton of time and money! Something as simple as adding a meditative podcast or a soothing lo-fi playlist in the background as you go through your skin and hair-care routine can amplify your self-care benefits.


And science supports this! Sound healing is having a moment in 2022, as more research is done on how it positively impacts our mental health. Try adding relaxing sounds to your next self-care pampering session! Remember: the importance of taking care of your hair is that it's one aspect of your overall self-care routine that produces outward results.


There is also a lot of overlap in terms of skin, nails and hair-care best practices, known as the "skinification" of hair-care needs. This means that we can apply many of the approaches we take to our skin to our daily hair-care routine.


For example, protecting our hair and skin from exposure to harmful UV rays is important, so we apply protective UV ray-blocking products to both. We also layer products on our skin and hair, depending on our unique needs: these include cleansers, moisturizers, masks, sun/heat protectants and more.


If you're short on time, an easy, effective option for skin, scalp and hair care is adding a daily supplement that supports each. We love our Significant Other Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement + Retinol Boost for a biotin and retinol-infused gummy that supports glowing skin and strengthens hair and nails!


Commit to a 30-Day Self-Care Challenge


We love this approach to adding a self-care routine because commitment can be scary! (And self-care shouldn't be stressful!) Committing to a daily hair-care routine for 30 days feels much more manageable and puts into action the importance of taking care of your hair.


Think about your main hair-care needs. What concerns you most about the current state of your tresses? Dryness? Thinning? Focusing your routine on your main concerns will help you reap greater hair-care benefits.


Keep in mind that some hair-care options like luxurious shampoos, conditioners and butter hair masks aren't intended to be used daily. Not to worry! Below, we've compiled some great daily hair and scalp care tips (plus options for your lashes and brows!) to try for your 30-day self-care challenge. And you can save those more luxurious treatments for your self-care Sunday pampering! 


  • Give a scalp-fortifying hair serum a try: If you've noticed increased hair fall and thinner, flatter locks, a hair serum that stimulates follicle activity at the scalp can be a lifesaver! For a caffeine-infused serum that packs a follicle-rejuvenating punch, we recommend our Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum. It helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp to support healthy hair. And don’t forget to treat yourself to a mini scalp massage while you apply your serum as the benefits are twofold—deeper penetration of the product and an even more relaxing self-care moment. 


  • Try a lash-enhancing treatment: As we age, our lashes can fade to a lighter color and become sparse. An easy way to combat thinning lashes is to add a serum that promotes lash health. Our Superpower Lash Enhancing Serum contains our proprietary blend of pumpkin seed oil, biotin and a peptide complex to support lash health and fullness. It is also water-based and free of problem-causing prostaglandins!


  • Add a dual-action brow treatment: Our brows thin as we age, just like our eyelashes, and the importance of taking care of our brow and lash hair becomes more apparent. (This is especially true for those of us dealing with a sluggish thyroid, which can wreak havoc on our scalp hair, brows and lashes!)


To combat age-related brow thinning, we love our Superpower Night & Day Brow Enhancing Duo for a daily hair-care option to give you the full, lush brows that are in for 2022! It's a day/night combo treatment, which contains a lightly-tinted thickening gel for daytime wear to help tame brows and make them more visible, and a night serum with sodium hyaluronate and vitamin B-complex to support healthy follicular activity and brow health. 



Pro tip: According to the Cleveland Clinic, our bodies require vitamin C, zinc and copper to produce collagen. To maximize your collagen supplementation, be sure you're getting plenty of each in your daily diet. Foods like broccoli, nuts, tomatoes, shellfish and citrus fruits are excellent natural sources! 


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At Better Not Younger, we understand the importance of taking care of your hair as part of a larger self-care routine. We support women trying any type of self-care that helps them feel more confident and fulfilled. Even small changes to skin or hair-care steps at home can have an enormous impact on your outlook on life. We're here to help you show your hair some love and enhance your self-care routine for your mature locks, because when you’re mindful about your hair-care rituals, the results can be even greater than you ever imagined.


Tell Us: What is your go-to self-care routine for your hair? Share your favorite daily hair-care tips and steps you take at home in the comments below!