Make the Switch to Clean Hair Care Today!


When we talk about "clean products," there's often not a set definition. Sometimes we’re referring to a product that’s made with organic, all-natural or no unpronounceable ingredients. Other times the words ethically sourced, mindfully created and no harmful ingredients are part of the conversation. And what role does transparent labeling play in it all? The real definition can be hard to pin down.


So when we say "clean hair care," what does this mean?


At Better Not Younger, it means that our products prioritize safety and efficacy. This means non-toxic ingredients that are safe for people and the planet—with efficacious and certified-safe plant-based and synthetic ingredients being the active drivers of results. We know that older women are savvy shoppers who pay attention to the labels on their hair and beauty products, which is why we’re transparent about our ingredients. And we know that hair products without harmful ingredients are imperative. That's why our founder, Sonsoles Gonzalez, built Better Not Younger as a clean hair-care line dedicated to women over 40.


Read on to learn why making the switch to clean hair products is so important and how Better Not Younger stays at the forefront of clean hair care!


Switch for Your Hair and Scalp Safety


As we age, our hair and scalps require gentler treatment. It's important to use clean, non-toxic hair products because these don't just impact our hair. As we get older, our skin becomes more sensitive, and that includes our scalp!


Here's why your hair and scalp will thank you for switching to clean hair care:


1. Our Scalps Are Super Absorbent


This means that it's extra important to avoid harsh ingredients in the hair products we apply to our scalp. In fact, one study confirmed the fast-absorbing nature of our hair follicles (we’re talking absorption within 5 minutes!), supporting how vital it is that we use sulfate-free and paraben-free clean hair products.


For a refreshing, cleansing scalp treatment prior to shampooing, we love our New Dawn Activated Charcoal Scalp Cleanser. It's packed with scalp-friendly ingredients like birch extract and lactic acid to cleanse the scalp and unclog follicles to help support healthier hair.


Pro tip: Use New Dawn to help you get going in the morning! The menthyl lactate in it has soothing and cooling properties, which will leave you refreshed and invigorated after your shower. (You might even be able to skip the morning coffee run!)


2. Our Scalp Gets More Sensitive and Our Hair Gets More Delicate with Age


It's no secret that our scalps need a little more TLC as we age—over time our scalps can become more sensitive due to years of coloring or other treatments—and harsh detergents, parabens and sulfates found in many cleansing hair treatments simply aren’t friendly to mature skin. They can cause itching, redness and dryness. Nobody wants to deal with that!


Our hair, likewise, becomes more delicate over time. Loss of pigment, overuse of hot styling tools and weaker follicles and hair strands all contribute to tresses that require extra gentle non-toxic clean hair products, striking ingredients like sulfates and parabens off the list!


This is why we make sure our clean hair-care line only includes products that are sulfate-free and paraben-free and we pack all our shampoos, conditioners and styling products with all-natural, plant-based ingredients that nourish, strengthen and repair hair without causing any irritation.


3. More Plant-Based Ingredients Mean More Hair-Friendly Benefits


Clean hair care gives our hair and scalp more access to good-for-you-good-for-your-hair plant-based ingredients. Cleansing and conditioning hair treatments that include plant-based ingredients not only excel at adding natural oils to our hair and scalp, which is so essential for aging hair and sensitive scalps, but they are also gentle.

Plant-based ingredients tend to be multipurpose, too. Take avocado oil as an example. It not only helps to moisturize and strengthen hair strands but it also offers amazing heat protection from hot styling tools. And because avocado oil contains vitamin E, it’s also great for helping to repair damaged strands as well as providing UV protection.

We packed our deep conditioning Hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque with our proprietary blend of 5 plant-based nut butters (yep, avocado made the cut!) that deeply penetrate and protect strands to instantly smooth and repair dry and unmanageable hair. These ingredients melt into the hair shaft for greater nutrient delivery, adding silkiness and shine while reducing frizz.


Switch for Sustainability and Kindness


When we think about beauty and hair-care products that are good for us at Better Not Younger, we take a big picture approach. Not only are clean hair products better for our health, but they're also better on a global level. Making the switch to clean hair products is a small change that can have a huge positive impact. Here's why:


1. Cruelty-Free Is Long Overdue


It's beyond time for beauty and hair-care brands to stop testing their products on animals. According to the Human Society of the United States, it doesn't make products any safer or less expensive to produce. And it harms sentient beings. Not on our watch!


At Better Not Younger, we are committed to kindness and to the safety of our products for everyone, human and animal alike. We take pride in offering cruelty-free and vegan hair-care products that support fullness, vibrancy and shine in mature hair!


2. Sustainably Made Clean Hair Products Shrink our Carbon Footprint


Sustainably made is another important clean hair-care buzzword. And when a product is made from renewable resources in a socially responsible way that doesn’t directly harm the environment, while also providing environmental, social and economic benefits and protecting the public health and the planet for generations to come, it fits the sustainably made bill.

In addition to sustainable packaging, we ensure sustainable sourcing. Our non-vegan hair-care collagen supplement (Power Within Skin & Scalp Collagen Gummies) is packed with 95mg per serving of marine collagen types I & III.


We opted for responsibly-farmed fish imported from Canada as our source of collagen because marine collagen supports a more sustainable process for collagen extraction than collagen derived from land animals. (Plus, our tropical fruit-flavored gummies taste great and are more convenient than collagen broths and powders!)


3. Safe Hair-Care Products Help the Environment


Everything we use in the shower is washed down the drain and into a water treatment facility. Washing away safe hair-care hair products without harmful ingredients means that fewer toxins end up in the environment.


Remember the concerns about facial scrubs adding microbead plastics to the ecosystem? That's what we're talking about. Now those microbeads are banned, but plenty of plastics and toxins are emptied into the environment every day. Choosing sustainably produced hair products with plant-based ingredients helps keep harmful ingredients out of the local ecosystem. And our new Full Transparency clean hair products come packaged in an eco-friendly bottle made from 25% recycled resin, which means fewer post-consumer products in our landfills!


Tell Us: Have you made the switch? What are your favorite clean hair-care products? Share in the comments below!


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At Better Not Younger, we know that you value safe hair-care products that work. We design our fine hair-care products to tackle issues specific to mature hair using vegan and plant-based ingredients that are sulfate-free and paraben-free. We also prioritize sustainable packaging and cruelty-free production of our fine hair-care products because we know that safe hair care extends beyond the quality ingredients we use!